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2.9.15 Earth Changes – Changing Woman

“Before the beginning of time, Changing Woman was brought to this dimension by First Mother and First Father. In pursuit of old age and happiness, First Father was following the Rainbow trail. At the place where the rain clouds gathered and the gentle breeze whispered, First Father found at the end of his path, a turquoise doll.

Wind God told First Father to take the figure back home and on the second day, return to the mountain and bring the doll along with First Mother. They did as directed and took the turquoise doll to the mountain.

There they discovered Wind God, Water Sprinkler, House God and Talking God.

The Gods laid a perfect buck skin on the ground and asked First Mother and First Father to place the turquoise doll on the buckskin. Talking God placed another perfect buck skin on top of the figurine.

Wind God blew on the buckskins until the cover lifted from the doll and a beautiful girl baby was there.

Talking God told First Mother and First Father to take her home and raise her as their daughter.”

Diné Bahaneʼ , the Navajo Creation Myth

This part of a Navajo creation story gives us a handle on Mother Earth. She is also someone’s daughter, a child of the universe as we all are; and with the same challenges and survival instincts inherent within each of us. If we really contemplate what the ancients were saying, it is that the truth of our existence is non-quantifiable, non qualitative. It is all too big to comprehend.

First Father and First Mother in this story are frequencies, as in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word”; we are all a configuration of frequencies.

As the Maya recorded in their creation story, The Popol Vuh, the date of December 12, 2012, was the beginning of the time of the Sixth Sun. This time marks the end of a 13,000 year period of solar night or the time it takes for the earth to reach the apex of its upward undulation along the arm of the Milky Way. So as we enter the solar day, on a Galactic scale, we can anticipate coming out of an era of darkness back into the light. It is a period of moving from the patriarchal influence to the matriarchal.

In addition to the beginning of the solar day or another period of illumination and enlightenment, Mother Earth is also on her trajectory, back to alignment with the birthing place she emerged from over 13 billion years ago. She has never been to this part of Milky Way before. All things are new on our planet. Light is bending differently, weather patterns are shifting, as is our axis. The magnetic fields that used to be predictable are shifting and changing in unprecedented ways as we make our way back to Mother Earth’s birthing place.

Another of the Mayan prophesies was that our sun would be emitting a new element. Some scientists thought the new substance is an already identified structure called a neutrino; on further analysis however, the substance acts differently than a neutrino. The new element, that the Maya called ‘ether’ is called plasma by our scientists. It appears that plasma is speeding up the decay rates of heavy metals and activating more strands of DNA in plant animal and human populations. We have discovered new species of insects and fish.

So why am I bringing all of this up? Because so many of the people who come for healing think they are having a bad spell. Their body hurts and they complain of a foggy brain; their relationships are suffering as a result of the challenges they are experiencing and money isn’t buying the necessities it used to.

Have you noticed the bees out in January? Don’t the trees seem as though they are ready to burst out in bloom even though it is deep winter? Watch the birds, they too are adapting to new elements and circumstances, and so are each of us.

Most people seem to believe that if they had more money, if their relationships were easier, that life would get back to normal. There is no normal anymore! We are indeed in a new age; an age of expansion and exciting change. The earth is adapting and so must we.

Even though science is just catching up to what the ancients already knew, it is interesting to ponder recent articles on how we imprint everything that we come into contact with. In a recent experiment with water, a researcher had four students gather a small amount of water and then looked at the molecular patterns under a microscope. Each student had their own personal signature imprinted within the water. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese physicist produced a beautiful body of work photographing the physical manifestations of emotions on water. If you haven’t read his book Hidden Messages in Water, please do. It will alter the way you think and react to your surroundings.

Research done by physicist Richard Feynman elucidates a long-held suspicion that what we think is what we get. In particle wave research, scientists were trying to discern whether an electron was a particle or a wave. Because they believed it to be a particle, it behaved as a particle. Upon leaving the same experiment, a video tape of the electrons’ behavior shifted to wave behavior. He termed the phenomenon as collapsing the wave, but in essence the experiment was monumental because it validated that our beliefs, perceptions can and do alter reality.

The deduction was that the observer has influence over material reality. This is not news, a good teacher or mother knows that if you expect your child to misbehave, they will. If you think you cannot ride a bicycle you won’t; if you believe that the world is fraught with evil and disappointment, be assured that will be your experience.

Our opportunity here and now is to be curious, flexible and innovative. We, as a society, have become so isolated from one another, communicating only by text, burying ourselves in singular recreational activities like on-line games, TV stories and fretting in private about our inability to hold things together, to maintain the status quo.

As the frequency of our planet changes, so must ours. It is not enough to just go to a gym, or diet or take supplements to feel better. It won’t help you to work harder or sleep longer. We must spend time connected to the Grandmother. Take a long walk in nature without shoes; plant a garden and remove your gloves for a time and touch the earth, the plants. Try to eat organic foods; they carry the information of the changing sun and earth. Stay away from prepared foods such as packaged, frozen or fast foods. To an extent, we are what we eat.

If you take a look at , it will allow you to recognize that with the solar winds, coronal mass ejections from the sun and the fluctuating Van Allen belts, actually do affect the way you feel each day. It also helps to align your thinking with massive changes outside of ourselves that affect the way we think and behave.

One might ask why, if there are such dramatic changes taking place on a cosmic level, why don’t we hear more about it on the evening news, or read about it in magazines or daily papers.

Think about it: if everyone was contemplating the movement of the earth through the cosmos; if they knew that solar flares could alter humanity and create catastrophic weather patterns, would we really be so inclined to pay our taxes and show up for traffic court?

Make an effort to get to know a neighbor or someone who shares the same interests. It is easy to get into a rut and think that you are the only one who is feeling the electromagnetic shifts. If you don’t have a dog, visit with someone else’s. Animals are healers; they are in direct contact with the earth and can help you adjust to the many changes that are occurring.

Find a community project that is worthy of your time and help create a network that will support and sustain you as we go though more dramatic changes. We know they are coming, even if we shove it under the category of climate changes. If you are storing food for the inevitable, store enough for those around you too because you know you will not be eating while others are starving.

Remember, in the final analysis it is always and only and ever about love! If you want to see what that looks like at a molecular level, check our Emotos’ work.

Perhaps we could try an experiment, you and I. Maybe we could look at what is working on the earth plane and love that with all of our heart. Perhaps we could find things to be grateful for and focus fiercely on those things. It may collapse the wave of doom that has become so pervasive. Mother Earth needs it, we do too.

Do We Communicate with More Than the Brain? two-worlds-merging

Does the heart connect us not only with each other but also to all living things on Earth, the universe and beyond?  Research at the Institute of HeartMath has determined that the heart is a “fifth” brain connected to and supported by the four major parts of the human brain: reptilian brain, old mammalian, the neocortex and the prefrontal lobes.

Joseph Chilton Pearce writes about transcendence…the bigger you. His book The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit is about brain and heart research and suggests that the understanding and development of the human heart may be the “missing” step in human transcendence.

The Institute of HeartMath website offers a free subscription to News and Tools that provides access to a plethora of articles and free services, including Stress & Well Being Survey and Personal Community Trackers.

1.14.15 Re-Member-ing Demitri

In curanderismo, we say that this life is an act of re-member-ing; or reconfiguring ourselves from different lifetimes, situations or parallel universes. That means our physical bodies are catching up to where our souls have already been. And because of this we experience the phenomenon of déjà vu or of finding ourselves in familiar situations or places that we have never been before.

There are many levels and dimensions that we live in simultaneously. Just like the bean that we plant and eat for sustenance, the intelligence within that seed body has sustained itself for hundreds of thousands of years, evolving and adapting to reproduce itself again and again. And interestingly enough, the intelligence within the seed will not relinquish its potential during drought or flood or strange weather patterns. That bean that I am talking about, not only carries information from ancient times, but has also incorporated information from the future. It knows when to sprout long before the sprouting season begins. This is one reason why, we don’t subscribe to genetically modified foods here at the Multidimensional Bean blog. The lab-rat frequency of genetically modified plants does nothing to sustain the integrity of your seed body or the potential offspring. In fact, the genetically engineered species is not recognized by your digestive system as food therefore, it is relegated as waste if it is not an organic species.

Just as the bean seed carries the genetic and environmental information from thousands of year past, we as human beings do too. Every lesson, every season, every progressive step or trauma that our ancestors experienced is part of our energetic configuration. In our present-day, limited world view, we make assumptions and observations on a genetic inheritance. If our parents had Dementia, we are told there is a high probability for the disease as we age; if Parkinson’s runs in the family, expect to have it. There are many more factors involved in the development and expression of disease than genetics. If you consider Stephen Hawking, who wrote A Brief History of Time , and served as the chairman for the Department of Mathematics at Cambridge University in England, he was never supposed to live another two years after he was diagnosed with ALS. Although he had the genetic determinant for the disease, he not only outlived his prognosis but has become the most respected physicist since Einstein. This speaks of inter-dimensional existence. Although the body is challenged, the mind and spirit are vibrant and expansive.

As an example of this multidimensionality, I will introduce Demitri. He is a man over the age of 60 who fought and survived the war in Viet Nam. He came to see me because he believes he is a shaman and wants to know how to do that shaman stuff. But what I saw, was a man who had lost his spirit on the chaotic, treacherous mine fields in Viet Nam. Having worked with Veterans for over 40 years, it is no mystery about the split or fragmentation or compartmentalization that happens with soldiers who experienced heavy combat. But that was the distant past for those of you under 40 years of age. The same principals apply to those in the Gulf conflict, the war in Iraq or Afghanistan or on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

Demitri survived! In order to make sense of his survival, he wants……no NEEDS, to do something with his life that can transmute the senseless tragedy that he was a part of. Truth is, part of him is still lingering in the carnage we call war; part of him is stuck in Viet Nam. In addition to that, the many lives he affected by being on that killing field are still connected to him energetically. Not only the ones that died, but the survivors and the progeny of those dead and alive are yet connected to Demitri. When we enter into anything, any activity or any world view or political movement, we are like threads in a larger weaving, lending strength and presence to what we are subscribing to. Even the soldiers that did not see bloodshed or experience death at their side, still carry the imprint or energetic of that tragic and devastating war. You and I, as American citizens carry the imprint of what our government did in Nam just as much as the German citizenry carries the cellular and soulful memory of the Jewish holocaust.

In wanting to practice shamanism, Demitri is looking for a way to get back and forth, across the veil of life and death, so he can re-consolidate his fractured spirit. In curanderismo we call this ‘espanto’, a kind of debilitating, on-going shock that one never recovers from unless you specifically address the trauma and re-define yourself from lessons learned. Just like the beans do during times of drought, their innate intelligence goes dormant waiting for a more opportune circumstance in which to produce and proliferate. We as human beans are similar. If a child loses a sibling to death at an early age, they may think of love as loss. It will take a long time for that child not to associate loving someone with death and loss, but with patience and nurturing, they will emerge from the trauma with more awareness and appreciation for those around them.

In addition to the tragedy of the war, Demitri emerged from the dark night of the soul in Viet Nam back to the United States where people were still comfortable, unaware of the bloodshed and devastation become he had just been a part of. He drank and drugged and impregnated several women. He beat up many clueless men. He unknowingly looked for indescribable degradation and conflict because that is where he lost himself. Through no malice or fault of his own, Demitri became part of the military-industrial complex known as the United States government. It was, until recently the most sophisticated killing machine on planet earth.  So, enough of the devastation and molestation that occurred in his life: how do you heal this schism, this fragmentation of spirit and festering of the mind? How can he forgive himself for all of the blind misunderstanding that fueled such loss and chaos?

I believe that one way to heal the discomfort, is to go backwards; to the place, time and dimension where his spirit split from his physical body. Through the process of trance work, hypnosis or guided imagery, one can reframe a limiting self concept. This has been done for thousands of years within the practice of shamanism or through the use of mind altering drugs. It is possible to heal deep trauma without 20 years of therapy or drugs. As long as we are drawing breath and our cells are dividing, it is possible to heal whatever it is that detracts from our peace and threatens our balance. One has to re-member that they were not always fragmented or tormented. If one is still living, it would serve as a testament to the fact that there were at least as many stable, peaceful experiences as there were traumatic moments. So how do we become more aligned with the peace and stability that also exists within each of us?

First, we have to be willing to excise the wound. Emotions are no different than physical substances. There are toxic emotions such as resentment, hatred or fear that can alter your internal organs, create acid reflux, poor digestion or cause inflammation such as arthritis or joint problems. That is not to say that each disease one can think of is purely emotional. It is not. But I guarantee that somewhere in a disease configuration is an emotion that serves as fuel for the fire of inflammation.

Demitri punishes himself because he feels guilt for the destructive processes he was part of. How can he allow himself to be whole and happy and productive when so many of his compadres died in the war; when so many Vietnamese families suffered at his hand? How can he think of himself as untarnished and deserving, when his reality is stained with an inconsolable grief?

It may sound too simple, but acknowledgement and forgiveness are the keys. Forgiveness of self, forgiveness of his government and society who stand in silent agreement with the aggression; and acknowledgement of the part he played in creating trauma for others.

This is where ritual comes in. A’ limpia’ is a prayer. A specific ritual to petition not only the Great God of our being, but all of the legions of angelic beings that work in the unseen realms to help us to be and express the will of the Divine. The prayer will differ with every circumstance but in essence it is a request to be cleansed of the ideas and habits that keep us from re-member-ing that we are the breath of Creator, we exist in the mind of God; and as such cannot be separated from that great goodness.

Just as in planting a bean, with all of the potential held inside of that tiny seed body, we till the soil, add amendments and routinely water the bean so that it may flourish and nourish. We must do that with our own potential, our spirit. We will till the soil for Demitri. We will create a landscape where he can commune with the spirits of the deceased, both friends and foe, and allow him to express his sorrow and outrage. We will create a space and time to apologize and to acknowledge the suffering he was part of.

In addition to a soul retrieval, where Demitri will return to the killing fields through visualization, he will make an offering for what he took away from each spirit he touched through his actions.

I have asked Demitri to bring a seven-day candle for each child he has abandoned and for the women he had relations with during his period of reckless debauchery; a candle for each of his compadres where he witnessed their death in battle and at least ten candles to represent each death he played a part in while fighting in the villages of Vietnam.

In curanderismo, this is called ‘feeding the spirit’. Acknowledging the pain one has caused, whether in the physical or spirit realm, it is honoring and taking responsibility for the part we play in another’s loss or suffering. When we can reel ourselves in and be present to the agony we spend a lifetime running from, it tends to dissipate on its own.

Demitri, who has spent decades in traditional therapy, is now able to sleep through the night. He can talk more openly about the horrors he experienced and has found a new relationship with his wife and children. As he owns his past, and comes to understand the richness of his challenges past and present, he is claiming his personal power to create the life he wants.

In owning his past, good and bad, Demitri is beginning to live and breathe in many dimensions. Perhaps he will be teaching others about shamanism someday very soon.