Free EFT Tapping Movie

For those of you new to or practicing EFT. Free EFT Tapping Movie


2.9.15 Earth Changes – Changing Woman

“Before the beginning of time, Changing Woman was brought to this dimension by First Mother and First Father. In pursuit of old age and happiness, First Father was following the Rainbow trail. At the place where the rain clouds gathered and the gentle breeze whispered, First Father found at the end of his path, a … Continue reading 2.9.15 Earth Changes – Changing Woman

Do We Communicate with More Than the Brain?

Does the heart connect us not only with each other but also to all living things on Earth, the universe and beyond?  Research at the Institute of HeartMath has determined that the heart is a “fifth” brain connected to and supported by the four major parts of the human brain: reptilian brain, old mammalian, the neocortex … Continue reading Do We Communicate with More Than the Brain?

1.14.15 Re-Member-ing Demitri

In curanderismo, we say that this life is an act of re-member-ing; or reconfiguring ourselves from different lifetimes, situations or parallel universes. That means our physical bodies are catching up to where our souls have already been. And because of this we experience the phenomenon of déjà vu or of finding ourselves in familiar situations … Continue reading 1.14.15 Re-Member-ing Demitri